Thursday, November 26, 2009

48hr Game Challenge

It was great to see so many teams enter this year in the 48 hour game competition. A number of the challengers were students at Griffith studying the games degree course, a few of them are in the Unity subject I'm teaching.

The Curious Bear team comprised of Scott Taylor, Brenden Watts, Morgan Jaffit, Gordon Moyes and myself. We rallied around the idea to create a 'wind control' type of game, well Scotty was keen on it, so we all helped him out. :) 48 hours later we had 'My Mechanical Romance' ... that's the name of the game we made, not some type of debauchery that took place during the 48 hours. Nice thing though, we won. First prize in the Pro Team Catergory! We even got a prize... a coffee mug. Great work to all involved, organisers and contestants alike.

Curious Bear logo

Curious Bear needed a logo...this is what I can up with. It got a mention at the 48 hour game competition as a real winner but they decided not to give us a prize for the logo because we had already won the Pro Team Section for Game Making... Sheesh!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Power Gems

From the devilish mind of Courtney Pasieczny comes Power Gems, another Curious Bear Production. Power Gems is a match 3 style game using colours and symbols. Matching symbols creates spells, tomes and runes that can be used to make more powerful point scoring moves. This game will be available on iTunes in the coming weeks.

The Swarm

Swarm! This is a cool little game that Matt Ditton and I are working on for the iPhone. There is a working demo, check out the clip below. We hope to have it in the app store early next year. Matt is working on the code and I have been doing the art side, mainly environment modelling and rendering. There are about 2 or 3 city blocks worth of detail in the level and a small array of different vehicles. I will keep you posted on when this game will be available.

Cluck It!

Cluck It! This is Curious Bear's first game for the iPhone. It took about 5 weeks to develop from start to submit. You can buy Cluck It! now from iTunes or try out the Cluck It! Lite version for free. It went to No.1 arcade game in Kuwait for 11 days. Nice. I created all aspects of the art for this project.

Above is and early mockup of Cluck It! And below is an early start screen for the game.

I guess here is as good a place then any..

Ok, well I haven't got my stuff together yet but I will be putting up examples and WIP images of the iphone games that I'm working on. watch this space... or not